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Your driveway can accumulate all kinds of nasty gunk and grime, including tire marks and oil stains, which can be tough to clean off. Luckily, with our driveway cleaning service, we can eradicate all traces of these substances, leaving behind a fresh-looking driveway.

driveway washing

Pavers can get very dirty over time, which is why you need to have them washed on a regular basis. One of our residential pressure washing services includes deep paver cleaning that will make them sparkle as good as new.


One of our most comprehensive residential pressure washing packages is our house washing service. As the name implies, we’ll clean your Cape Coral home from top to bottom, getting into every corner and scrubbing away all traces of grime for good.


Your gutters can get very dirty over time, and they need to be thoroughly but carefully washed to ensure they look nice. We offer gutter brightening to restore your gutters to their former glory.


Cleaning off your roof is a necessary task, but it can be dangerous and difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. With our roof washing package, we’ll clean off your roof of all mold, mildew, algae, and other gunk.


Your deck sees a lot of foot traffic, especially once the weather gets nicer. If you want to make your deck look amazing before you have your next get-together, you should call in Coastal Home Services to get the job done.


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