We Are A Top-Notch Storefront Cleaning Pro You Can Trust

For all your storefront cleaning needs, Coastal Home Services has got you covered.

At Coastal Home Services, we offer a wide variety of pressure washing services, including but not limited to sidewalk washing, driveway cleaning, playground washing, and much more. Below, we talk about storefront cleaning, which can be a significant boon to your business.

Your storefront is usually the first thing people see when they come into your business (or when they pass by). If a storefront looks dirty and unkempt, it’ll turn-off potential customers and make them not want to come in. This can lead to a loss of significant sales, and when you own a business, every sale matters. Therefore, it’s important that you invest in a proper storefront cleaning company, such as Coastal Home Services.

As part of our storefront cleaning package, we’ll completely wipe clean the face of your business. We’ll start at the roof and then work our way down to the bottom, making sure we get into every spot we can reach. We’ll wipe away excess grime and gunk that’s taken over, and leave behind an excellent storefront that looks as good as new. Customers will be lining up to patronize your business, and you’ll be begging us to come back for regular cleanings.

Read on to get a more comprehensive look at the kind of methods and strategies we use in our storefront cleaning package.

We Use Soft Washing On Sensitive Areas

Your storefront most likely contains a variety of surfaces, each of which will require their own special type of pressure washing methods. For example, what works on brick won’t work on glass, etc. Therefore, we will employ a variety of methods in our storefront cleaning package, including soft washing.

Soft washing, also sometimes regarded as no pressure or low pressure washing, is when you turn down the water pressure on the equipment and add special soaps into the mix. The result? A potent solution that can effectively clean off most grime and gunk from delicate areas without harming the surface underneath. We typically use soft washing for areas such as windows, vinyl siding, and roof shingles. Don’t worry. The soap we use in our soft washing methods are completely safe and eco-friendly, so you don’t need to be concerned about whether they’ll affect the environment or your property.

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