Certified Roof Cleaning Experts In Englewood, Fl

At Englewood, FL, Coastal Home Services are certified professionals, and our work is our cover letter, as confirmed by our clients.

In general, roofs are a very neglected area of homes, and it is very normal since they are not seen by the naked eye. Corrosion, rust and calcium stains can be very difficult to clean, but none of this should be an excuse to be able to give them proper maintenance, maintenance that is preventive and not corrective.

The facades, for their part, are more visible, so washing and painting touch-ups are more frequent. However, the methods used are not always the solution to the real underlying problems.


Roofs, the main agents of problems, are living organisms, such as algae, mould and bacteria, which, together with common dirt, promote ecosystems that affect the surfaces as such, in addition to the aesthetic part.


At Englewood, FL, we are specialists in dealing with these circumstances and applying the best solutions.

First of all, we deal directly with the roof problem since our certified formulas eliminate the promoters of these ecosystems that promote dirt.

Secondly, we achieve this objective with a very low impact on the surface as such, since we use Softwash technology at low pressure for washing, thus avoiding the surface deterioration common with high-pressure washing.

Low-pressure washing uses biodegradable (environmentally friendly) chemicals, which, in addition to cleaning stains and dirt, also remove roots, keeping surfaces clean for up to 5 times longer than cleaning with a pressure washer.

Thirdly, we do it with all the necessary measures for professional execution since both the team and the technicians have the appropriate certified permits.